What to Wear with Joggers for Men

What to Wear with Joggers for Men

Move over cargo pants and chinos! Since the inception of joggers, it has become an inadvertent choice for college-going kids and even men who can wear casual outfits to their workplaces.

So, what exactly are joggers? They are casual athletic pants that are lightweight, and thus comfortable. They have an ankle-hugging tapering bottom with a top that is the widest possible. What was meant to be a variant of sweatpants, they now come in a variety of fabrics, sizes, and different styles. Choosing the best joggers for men could be a tad bit complex, but when you do, you'll feel super comfortable.

Joggers sure appeal to people who love exercising in them, but they are no longer sports-inclined. Athleisure fashion has now taken over the streets.

Joggers are synonymous with comfort but what to style with it? This blog puts forth men's jogger outfits so you'll know what to wear to pair with them.

You can wear them for a movie night out, a dinner date, or an outdoor excursion. You can wear it for any event only if you know to pull off the look.

Joggers are one of the most fashionable, relaxed, casual, and stylish outfits for both, men and women. They are stretchable yet breathable. This makes it an easy choice for almost every event, but what if you want to wear something more than a T-shirt with joggers?

If you are just starting and don't know how to style joggers, the following are jogger outfits for men for different occasions.

Stylish Men's Outfit Ideas: What to Wear with Jogger 

At Work

You can pair the blazer with joggers for your next office outfit, but choose the joggers wisely. It shouldn't be the ones that you wear to the gym. There are shirts to wear with joggers that compliment the ensemble.

Try a black full-sleeve shirt with white joggers and try finding the right color. A button-up or knit t-shirt with joggers also pairs well.

A Casual look

For a casual day outing, wear a long-sleeved T-shirt with black joggers so that you won't have rashy sunburns. The tee should be a boxy fit as it will complement the joggers’ loose fit quite well.

Complete the ensemble with a men’s jacket. Pair white joggers with blue Denim jackets. This keeps things simple yet gives you a stylish look.

Which Shoes to pair with Joggers?

No matter what you pair with your joggers, comfy shoes are a must. You can wear flip-flops, crocs, sneakers, slip-ons, and even loafers. Although, sneakers are the most popular footwear that people pair with joggers. Other options include ankle-strap sandals and Boat shoes. These are perfect summertime footwear choices to pair with joggers.

Here's a bonus section. The perfect finishing touch for your ensemble is adding accessories such as metal chains, a matching metal band watch, and socks that will up your joggers game.