What Color Shirt Goes with Grey Pants

What Color Shirt Goes with Grey Pants

For most of us, styling is personal. Some like to wear tees, while some like to make a fashion statement with floral shirts. Some people do have it figured out, while most are looking for some inspiration.

A neutral color, grey gives you an opportunity to be vividly sartorial.

Grey is a trending, tasteful, and super versatile color so pairing it with plain shirts or printed ones makes an outfit head-turning and suitable for any occasion.

Here are a few stunning ideas that you should try if you have recently purchased grey pants and want to find a great combination to pull off your next look.

Grey Pant Matching Shirt Combination Ideas for Men

Grey Pants with White Shirt

You’ll take your fashion to the next level with these white shirts and grey pants! This outfit is perfect for casual events as it gives a definitive and sleek look. To complete the look, wear white sneakers.

Grey Pants with Black Shirt

Black is a color that is perfect in any form, be it a matte black car, a black phone, or in this case a black shirt.

Another great combination that'll look well with your grey pant would be a black shirt. Being a trending color, this look sets the bar with some panache and glam.

Grey Pant with Light Blue Shirt

Light blue shirts looks enormously stylish with grey pants for a casual day. The combination looks subtle yet worthy enough to turn some heads.

Grey Pant with Pink Shirt

Grey pant with pink shirt is a definitive winning combination as it can never go wrong. These two colors are suitable for any day, even as a perfect date outfit.

You can use this combination for office to make a solid yet subtle first impression.

Grey Pants with Maroon Shirt

You can bring out the sophistication in your style with a maroon shirt and grey pants. This combination is a breath of fresh air that will highlight your persona. A maroon shirt will also add a tint of warmth to your wardrobe.

Grey Pants with Army Green Shirt

An army green color shirt goes unexpectedly well with grey pants. When you wear this combination, you show that you mean serious. Also, this stand-out color adds elegance to your style and the grey pant is a cherry on top.

Grey Pants with Checkered/Floral/Stripe Print Shirts

We now come to some unconventional shirt options that many people don't try. The soft and subtle combination of a floral/stripe/print shirt sets the right vibes.

When it comes to striped shirts, it's quite a dapper combo with grey pants. You can add this combination during the summer thus giving you a casual and cool look.

Chequered shirts add some extra depth to your wardrobe. This combination can be worn all day and still look fresh.

These unconventional combinations set fashion milestones, so why not give it a try?

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