What we are committed to

Because you deserve to look great, feel confident and be confident as you go by your unique life, we exist to create
everyday clothing that does just that - makes you feel inspired!

And the key to achieving it? Innovation at the heart of it all!

We truly believe innovative clothing should be accessible to all - and should by no means have a price tag that makes it unattainable.

We strive to always provide you with the best in clothing at prices that are unmatched. To achieve just that, our garments go through an extensive development process. Constantly
improving basic timeless apparel so your clothing lasts longer both in quality and design.


Behind the Brand

The story of Muffynn is as simple as our inspiration itself - the muffin.

Founded by 3 brothers with a vision to change the way the world viewed fashion. Muffynn aspires to make clothing more accessible that inevitably reduces the cost of fast fashion.

In our journey to achieve this, we found that our success lies in constant innovation. Innovation in concepts, utility, textiles, and products themselves.

So we did - by researching, experimenting, and finally developing concepts that stand the test of time all while making them accessible to those it matters. Resulting in the longevity of the classic timeless styles.

But why does this matter? When you wear high-quality timeless styles that actually fit well and feel good, you tend to wear them more often. You don’t just own and wear clothing you love, but also positively contribute to our world by making sustainable wardrobe choices. You start thinking “what’s best for me?” rather than “what looks good on me?”.

Just like the different icing on a simple muffin, we seek to shape and enrich the lives of our customers, our Muffs. But why? So they can make better choices for themselves by being inspired, confident and enlightened through clothing that does just that!

Our History

We began trading

Our forefathers established ‘Parekh Gopalji Jeevraj’, a firm that traded Ghee [purified butter] in Satna, Madhya Pradesh, our founders’ hometown. The beginning that inspired generations to come!