What to Wear with Cargo Pants

What to Wear with Cargo Pants

Cargo pants have become a thing again in the fashion world. Many believe that they are never away. Having its genesis in the WWII era, cargos took place in the wardrobe because of its when large pockets that the troops used to keep essential things like ammunition, bandages, maps, and more.

The very first cargo pants were created for the British Army which had a single patch pocket. Then the Americans added a second one, and the quad pockets we know today have been the standard ever since.

Coming back to the cargo pant renaissance, it is utilitarian clothing which is stronger and more functional. If you want to make a wardrobe change this year and include a pant which isn't jeans - try out cargo pants. Cargo pants come in many different styles; you'll get slim-fit cargo pants, cropped cargo pants, even denim cargo pants, and harem cargo pants.

Today it gives off a more 'grown-up with good taste' vibe. If that's how you want to vibe, then read on to find Cargo Pants Outfit Ideas for Men with today's fashion.

Regarding the Cargo pants

As mentioned time and again, cargo pants are the epitome of comfort, but you shouldn't go overboard with the ones that have maximum pockets. The soldiers needed many pockets for their security, we civil people won't have such need, at least for now.

You should choose cargo pants that have two pockets that are positioned near the hip than the knee. They should also seat neatly. If they are sagging down, you won't achieve an aesthetic look.

As for the, you can't go wrong with classic sturdy cotton twill. If you want more options, choose fuzzy wools or the chunky corduroy which are a bang for your buck.

You need to balance your look for a good style. If you'll be opting for the classic cargo pants which are smartly tailored but give off a polite look, then choose simple top wear. Mix colours and fabric to keep things modern. Not everybody can pull off looks consisting of utility vests or military jackets.

By now you know that cargo pants are not formal. The best cargo pants in your wardrobe should be well-tailored and smart. You can pair cargo pants with an Oxford shirt, a cashmere sweater, and boots, but don't drag it further than that. For a balanced style, keep things laid-back.

What to wear with Cargo pants

You can pair your cargo pants with pretty much any T-shirt, casual jacket, and sneaker combo. If you’re not used to wearing cargo pants, choose colour combinations you know well and feel confident in, such as sandy beige and blue denim.

For summer, wear rugged cotton cargo pants with a well-fitting T-shirt and beaten-up skate shoes.

Try wearing classic menswear fabrics like pinstripes and flannel that all work for cargo pants. Muted tones and pants with classic tailoring details like a pleated front will go well together. Suit up with a crew neck or turtleneck, simple leather sneakers and Derby shoes.

Since cargo pants are best for casual occasions, you can dress up a pair of cargo pants for dates, parties, and casual dinners. If chosen the right cargo pants, you can even wear them to work.

Wear tailored-fit cargo pants with well-proportioned pockets and an untucked shirt with a slightly cropped jacket for a more engaging silhouette.

Denim is on denim is a controversial style statement to make in the fashion world, but the combination looks stylish and has a trendy look. Wear cargo pants by combining them with denim for a cool and casual outfit. Denim jackets are also cool.

Sometimes, experimenting with a minimal outfit doesn't 

necessarily mean boring. You can choose a classic monotone look by focusing on the precise details. Go all black, or if you aren't comfortable, try going all white with a white tee or a complete navy combination.

Then again, there are times when you shouldn't mess with a classic. Maybe this is why cargo pants survived over 70 years (and still counting). You can choose classic cargo pants with an outfit without doing anything too radical. Modernise your cargo pants with a rugby shirt or are cable-knit sweater. Wear the traditional khaki pants and complete the look with retro sneakers.

What not to wear with Cargo pants

Cargo pants are extremely versatile but not when it comes to pairing them with certain formal outfits. The following are a few things you should avoid wearing with cargo pants:

It is not appropriate to wear dress shirts with cargo pants because they are too formal. Choose a polo or a casual button-down shirt if you prefer a collared shirt.

Make sure the suit jacket you wear with your cargo pants is casual. In the right situation, slim-fit cargo pants may look good with a blazer. I would avoid all tailoring.

As a general rule, tuxedos do not look good with cargo pants, but it goes without saying. In terms of formality, they are at the opposite ends of the spectrum.

If you are curious as to which shoes pair perfectly with cargo pants, this link will help you!