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Formal Shirt For Men
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Flexiwaist Pant For Men
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Our Promise to Deliver

In a world of fast fashion, we innovate to make classic styles last longer and best fitted clothing more accessible. We have dedicated our processes to this purpose and consciously work towards it every single day. So you can feel inspired and enlightened to make better choices.


Build Your Staple Wardrobe

By sourcing the best quality, developing unique designs and choosing complementary colors, we create styles that here to stay. With a combined vision to aspires to make clothing more accessible that inevitably reduces the cost of fast fashion, we want you don’t just own and wear clothing you love, but also positively contribute to our world by making sustainable wardrobe choices.

There is no doubt that the shirt is of great quality, it has great colors, and I find it extremely comfortable to wear, it goes with any casual outfit and I am pleased with my purchase.🤩🤩


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Flexiwaist pants are ankle fit style pants having length of 39 inches and have a maximum upto 40 waist size as variation.
Flexiplus pants are straight fit style pants having 42 inches length and have an option of 38 inches waist upto 46 inches plus size.

Muffynn shirts are slim fit shirts and hence if you are confused that your size comes in between 2 sizes, then go for a bigger size. Also, if you are healthy from stomach area then prefer a bigger size.

Our Journey

A Business for Generations

When our forefathers established ‘Parekh Gopalji Jeevraj’ little did they know it would inspire generations to come. What began as a simple Ghee trading enterprise in our founder’s hometown of Satna, Madhya Pradesh has now become the guide to building a sustainable purposeful business. Muffynn arose from the desire to provide expert quality timeless classic styles that’s accessible.

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