What kind of Shoes to Wear with Cargo Pants

What kind of Shoes to Wear with Cargo Pants

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Cargo pants have proved that fashion is bound to repeat itself. Many, who paired the pants with a sporty tee and Dr Martens in the 2000s, were surprised by their return.

The times have changed. The glaring problem with pairing cargo pants isn't what topwear to choose, it's the shoes for cargo pants that confuse many. But it isn't so puzzling after all.

Cargo pants are not just stylish, versatile, and practical. Moreover, they are a great option liked by both men and women who see them as a pragmatic choice for everyday outfits.

Their multiple pockets and loose cut are perfect for any casual event or outdoor excursion. They can be paired with any type of shoe - even flip-flops! We haven't mentioned every shoe, only the ones that pair extremely well with cargo pants.

Here’s our list of the best shoes that will make your casual look with cargo pants a head-turner!


Sneakers are one of the most commonly paired footwear with cargo pants. That includes both, high top and low top.

Sneakers are immensely versatile shoes that turn any outfit into casual, street, smart, or sporty. When these stunners are paired with cargo pants, they make way for a vast number of outfits for everyday style and any occasion.

Low-Top Sneakers with Black Cargo pants:

Choose low-top sneakers to show off a sporty look. Ensure that you opt for black cargo pants that aren't baggy or very loose and pair them with low-top sneakers in various colours or simply white sneakers. Complete the look with a simple tee.

Colour coordinate your sneakers and cargo pants with every outfit. You can also choose white sneakers with black cargo pants.

High Tops with Tactical Cargo pants:

High tops paired with tactical pants give a super comfortable vibe. The High-tops can be in black, white, tan, or in varying colourways.

Such outfits are a staple choice for hikes in mountains, woods and other outdoor activities. You can also add a warm woollen sweater and a sleeveless hiking vest to complete the look.

Monochrome High-Tops:

You can never go wrong by pairing black-and-white sneakers with Khaki (pale yellow-brown) cargo pants.

They give a laid-back street look great for a quick stroll at the mall or other daytime activities. Wear this outfit in warmer months the Khaki cargo pants have a roomy cut.


Loafers are the best shoes and one of the most preferred shoes that look great with cargo pants, especially straight ones. As loafers don't have laces, it's very easy to slip on and off.

These shoes are between the casual and formal spectrum, making them all-round. Wear loafers to elevate the wow factor of the outfit. Also, you are ready to go out for a party with your friends.

Derby Shoes:

Derby shoes and cargo pants go well together. Pair this combination with an olive trench coat.

It might sound unusual, but this makes for an effortlessly sophisticated look that keeps you comfortable and makes you look sharp.

Oxford Shoes with Straight-legged Cargo pants:

Many people would skip this option as Oxford shoes are mostly paired with business and formal suits. Surprisingly, these shoes can make a great combination with cargo pants. Opt for straight-legged pants that don't have too many pockets and wear your Oxford for a sharp look.

Canvas Shoes with Straight-legged Cargo pants:

Pairing traditional Converse shoes with loose cargo pants gives a cool urban look. Canvas shoes are soft, which will many any outfit you pair them with quite comfortable.

Wear black and white canvas shoes with straight-legged cargo pants keeping the look low profile. Opt for neutral canvas shoe colours such as black, white, and tan or beige as they can be worn with any colour.

Hiking Boots:

You can also wear hiking boots (Timberland boots) with cargo pants. No matter what colour your cargo pants are, hiking boots will complement them because of their natural colour. Cargo pants and hiking boots are a practical choice for people who are involved a lot in outdoor activities. The combined security of cargo pants and boots provides coverage as they are made of sturdy materials to protect you from insect bites and other injuries.