Black Cargo Pants and a Matching Shirt - The Perfect Combination

Black Cargo Pants and a Matching Shirt - The Perfect Combination

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Cargo pants are a thing again and that should surprise no one! You can spot people in different cargo outfits - be it pubs or cafes. Cargos for men have been a default option and their return has made trendy cargo pants fashion a thing now.

The reason cargo pants have sustained so long is due to their versatility. Want to carry two phones? Check! Want some snacks on you 24x7? Check! Not just the pockets, cargo pants are a great addition to the wardrobe for casual events.

Many guys want to know whether shirts on cargo pants are a good pair and if so, what shirts go with cargo pants.

Cargo pants and a matching shirt are a fabulous combination for a date night or an excursion with your friends, but pairing them with colors that go well together is a little task.

So, here are a few combinations of cargo pants and matching shirts that will make an outfit worth your penny.

Stylish Black Cargo Pants and Matching Shirt: Elevate Your Fashion Game

  1. Black

Black is a versatile color and men's black cargo pants can be effortlessly paired with various shirt colors, be it a beige one or an Olive green knit shirt.

You can also pair a black shirt with grey cargo pants, or a black shirt with Olive green cargo pants. If you want to full monochrome, black cargo and black shirts are a great option.

  1. Blue

You can wear your Sky Blue cargo pants the cool way with a few good shirt combinations. A Friday/Saturday visit to the pub complements the laidback weekend mood. Pair it with grey or white linen shirts to complete the ensemble. Prussian Blue cargo pants give off a semi-formal look which is perfect as travelling attire. Wear a pair of loafers to complete your look.

  1. Olive Green

Military pants are a popular fashion choice for many people and the Olive green color preserves that. Olive green cargo pants are the best option for sports, trekking, and other outdoor activities.

The green color will effortlessly complement the ensemble you put together. Wear a bright yellow shirt or a black shirt with sports shoes or sneakers to complement the sporty attire.

  1. Chocolate Brown

Pair the Chocolate Brown cargo pants with a half-sleeve White knit shirt. You can spice things up by pairing the Chocolate Brown cargo pant with Beige Multi checks shirt.