Which fabric is the best for Kurta Pyjama

Which fabric is the best for Kurta Pyjama

Kurta is a timeless garment that traces its roots to Central Asian nomads of the ancient era. Made of rich cotton or luxurious silk, and embroidered with intricate chikanwork, it drapes over the body like a second skin. It fits snugly around the torso and cascades down in elegant folds that flutter sensually with movement. The perfect choice for any occasion, whether formal or every day, the kurta is an understated yet sumptuous emblem of style.

Kurtas are either made of light materials such as silk or cotton for the summer, while those meant to be worn in winter are usually crafted with thicker fabrics like wool or special "Khadi silk," which is a handspun and handwoven fabric composed of coarse silk.

A linen-cotton blend is also popular throughout the year. The top is secured with ties, cloth balls, loops, and plastic or wooden buttons; it may even have metal buttons worn on formal occasions and adorned with jewels or enamel.

The following are the most commonly used fabrics to make Kurta:

Which Fabric is the Best for Kurta Pyjama?


Cotton is a commonly used fabric that is known for its softness and breathability. Not only is it great at soaking up sweat from all angles, but it's the perfect choice for wearing in any type of weather—especially where there is a tropical climate.

Men's kurtas made from cotton provide a neat flow of air to keep you cool. Cotton fabrics are naturally cooling due to them being made using plants. The only downside is that they tend to wrinkle more easily than other materials, which can be resolved with quick ironing.

Cotton is neatly classified into two forms: Handloom and Mul. Handloom cotton kurtas are the perfect blend of comfort, grace, and elegance that have been woven by skilled artisans across India for centuries. With a vast variety of textures and weaves available in handloom cotton, you can choose from the softest Bengal cotton in bold hues or opt for textured cotton kurtas in softer colours from Madhya Pradesh.

The Kala cotton kurtas from Kutch provide a rougher texture that's unique to them but can still be comfortable to wear. Regardless of what catches your eye, a handloom cotton kurta is an excellent summer choice that will keep you comfortable.

While handloom cotton kurtas are more expensive, the mill-made mul cotton (or mulmul) versions are priced lower with minimal difference in comfort. The mul cotton fabric serves as a base for various indigenous and traditional prints (like Bagru, Sanganeri, etc.). It pairs well with traditional pyjamas and also jeans for a casual look.


Linen has a stiffer and thicker texture than cotton. Despite its lack of breathability, the fabric gives an aura of luxury due to its thickness. To maintain the extravagant look, one must ensure proper care for their linen kurta. Washing or dry cleaning regularly can help preserve the garment’s appearance.

Understandably, many people don’t like to flaunt cotton and linen at festivals or traditional parties and weddings. But does that mean you will have to seek refuge in heavy-weight fabrics and compromise on the comfort factor? Of course, not! Instead, you can add silk-cotton kurtas to your collection in vibrant, bright hues to rock summer weddings.


Threads of silk and cotton from the villages of Chanderi and Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh spin into luxurious fabrics that provide comfort and glamour for the hot summer festivities.

The shimmering silk, the soft cotton, and the intricate weft motifs combine to make stunning kurtas that will make you stand out while still keeping you comfortable. They are perfect when paired with your choice of churidar or pyjamas for a classic yet stylish look.


Polyester is an excellent fabric for men's kurtas. The synthetic fibres blend well with natural ingredients to create a handcrafted factory look. Not only is polyester affordable, but it also gives off a luxurious impression. It doesn't get tangled easily and will make your appearance shiny in all situations.

However, the downside of this material is that it can heat up quickly due to the tight pores on its surface. To combat this, you can mix it with cotton for a cool and luxurious combination.

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Which is the best fabric for Kurta Pyjama?

You can get a comfortable kurta to wear if you choose the right material.

India has an abundant selection of fabrics to make kurta sets for men. While silk-cotton requires more maintenance, cotton and linen are easier to take care of and last for a while. 

Also, since they're made from natural fibres, they provide more comfort, breathability, and skin-friendliness than their synthetic counterparts. Now you know which fabric to pick the next time you buy kurtas or kurta-pyjamas.