How to Wear a Formal Shirt and Pant?

How to Wear a Formal Shirt and Pant?

Follow the tips given below to wear the formal shirt and pants like a professional.

Right Fit

If you want to look sharp and perfect, it is important to pick the right size of formal pants and shirt. The formal shirt should fit perfectly around your neck and shoulders. And the chest size should not be too loose or tight.

Coordinate colors

The colors you pick for the formal pant and shirt should be simple yet classic. Pant colors like Black, Grey, and Navy gel well with any kind of shirt. They are also known as complimentary shades.

If you have black pants, then it is recommended to try light colors like Pink, white (which obviously goes with it), and sky blue combination. In short, when you wear black formal pants, it is always recommended to complement it with lighter shades of the shirt.

On the other hand, if you are wearing grey pant, it matches well with darker shades like black shirt, navy blue, and maroon. Interestingly, grey pants also match well with white shirts.

Given Attention to Every Detail

Make sure to neatly tuck in the shirt, and the pant should be hemmed. While ironing the clothes, make sure to have a proper alignment (when you iron the pants, a straight line is formed. It should be aligned on both sides of the pant).


We hope this article has provided you with enough insights on how to wear a formal shirt and pants. By following the above tips, you will look confident in any business occasion, like delivering presentations, attending meetings, or even attending your job interview.