Everything you need to know about Biowash Fabric

Everything you need to know about Biowash Fabric

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Most of our products are made up of biowash fabric and we believe in educating our Muffs about what they are buying and feel satisfied about the quality. T-shirts are made of knitted fabrics. You might have noticed hairiness or fuzziness on the knitted fabrics. Biowash process targets the removal of the small fiber ends protruding from the yarn surface and thereby reduces the hairiness or fuzz of the fabrics.

Let us understand what is Biowash:

Bio-Wash is a finishing process that enhances fabric quality by decreasing the pilling tendency and fuzziness of (cellulose) knitted fabrics. This finishing process applied to cellulose textiles that produces permanent effects by the use of enzymes. This process removes protruding fibres and slubs from knitted fabrics, significantly reduces pilling, softens fabric hand and provides a smooth fabric appearance.

Softness of the fabric increases after adding bio wash as during touch, we do not feel rough ends on the fabric. Its gentleness increases the fabric life and makes the clothing more durable. Bio wash has replaced chemicals that were earlier harsh breaking the fabric and decreasing its life.

Benefits of Biowash Process:

  • It eliminates hairiness, fluffs and pills.
  • Softens fabric hand and improved handle.
  • Facilitates to achieve surface smoothness, clear appearance and improved luster.
  • It improves material texture and increases flexibility.
  • It prevents material sticking.
  • It improves sew-ability, quick washing, low pilling tendency, no napping in use, or during care operation.
  • It converts fabrics from poor quality, uneven, napped material surface to lustrous, soft, elegant, top quality with a fine, high quality surface appearance.

Difference between Biowash and Non Biowash:

You will be able to identify the difference by naked eyes with practice. Firstly, observe a few pieces of Authentic Biowash fabric and learn to see the difference. Bio wash ensures that stray fiber's are removed and a smooth surface is left.

Point to remember:

The purpose of biowash is to add the luster, shine and soft feel of the fabric. It does not increase the strength of the fabric which is believed and said by many manufacturers.

We at Muffynn believe that quality will never be compromised. For more information you can reach us at info@muffynn.com or contact us.

Adieu. Stay informed.