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5 Classic Denim Trousers for Men to Match with Any Shirts

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Denim trousers are one of the most versatile bottom wear for men as it goes perfectly with any men’s top wear such as shirts, hoodies, t-shirts and even blazers.

That’s the one major reason that most men prefer buying denim pants more often than other bottom-wear models.

When you buy other men's pant models, you should also consider buying matching top wear for the bottom, but when you pick denim trousers, you can pair it with any shirts you already own or even buy new shirts without worrying about the matching.

So, if you are searching for purchasing denim trousers for men to seamlessly match with any shirt, here in this blog post we will list out five classic denim trousers from Muffynn that you can get right now at an affordable price with premium quality.

If you are completely new to Muffynn, we are glad to introduce Muffynn to you before getting started with the post. 

We are a leading menswear brand in India that sells a wide range of clothing exclusively for men at affordable pricing. Moreover, our range of collections are unique in style and premium in quality. Once you try Muffynn collections, you will no longer look for alternatives.’

Now, let’s get started to witness the five classic denim trousers for men.

5 Denim Trousers for Men to Go Perfect with Any Shirts

All five denim trousers listed in the article are available to purchase in our store with most of the denim bottoms available in sizes up to 3XL.

Another great news is that exclusively for our blog readers, we are offering denim trousers with an extra 10% discount.

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  • Stay Bold in the Mid-Night Black Mens’ Denim Trouser

  • Who doesn’t love the Mid-Night black? 

    It’s actually the men’s most favorite color when it comes to picking denim trousers.

    The midnight black denim trouser at Muffynn features a fine quality cotton knitted fabric and is sure to offer you a bold statement in your personality. 

    Undoubtedly, the premium-quality denim trouser will match any shirt or t-shirt.

    But, take our personal suggestion, try a premium cotton white shirt to pair up with the midnight denim trouser and wear a pair of white shoes. You are the rockstar of the place wherever you go with the above-suggested attire.

    Olive Green Denim Trousers for Men with Moderate Stretch

    When you wear denim trousers, one thing that you will always look for is the comfort level you will get in the bottom. Sometimes, you may need to wear pants for a whole long day. In that case, if you fail to choose comfortable denim, you will feel low in your work or whatever.

    Denim trousers with moderate stretch is what give you extra comfort than any other type of denim. The specific olive green denim trouser from Muffynn’s men’s denim collections comes with moderate stretch and you can easily wear it for a whole day.

    You can pair it with any shirt, especially checked shirts to complete the look in the best unique way.

    Shop the Olive Green Denim Trouser & Save an Extra 550 INR

    Light Teal Plain Denim Trouser for Men

    For a weekend casual outing, the Light Teal solid men’s denim trouser is an ideal choice. Light Teal is an unusual color and you will look smarter than ever in the attire.

    Most of the denim trousers in our store are manufactured with 460 GSM which is a perfect GSM for comfortable denim wear. Especially, when you follow 460 GSM, the trouser won't fade and you can find it easy when you are washing. It’s advisable to follow cold wash only.

    Fortunately, the Light Teal denim is available to grab in 5 different sizes starting from Medium up to 3XL for plus size men.

    Grab the Light Teal Denim at Offer Price

    Space Blue Men’s Denim Trouser with Front D-Cut Pattern

    In recent times, wearing front D-cut denim is a trend among Indian youngsters. 

    If you want to follow the trend and are looking to purchase denim trousers in such a design, try Muffynn’s space blue denim trousers with a perfectly finished front D-Cut pattern.

    Possibly, you can pair the denim with any shirt model such as plain, checked, multi-print, etc. Get it now in your size as we have five different sizes in denim. 

    To avoid confusion while selecting your size, we have a clear Size Chart including the numbers for Waist, Length, Inseam, Bottom and Thighs for each size.

    Buy the Front D-Cut Pattern Denim in Space Blue Color

    Denim Trouser for Men with Back Patch Pocket

    The most smooth luster surface denim trouser is available in the dolphin grey color. 

    If you love wearing light-shaded denim trousers, we are sure that you may like this dolphin grey denim trouser.

    The back patch pocket style in the denim trouser is the most highlighted factor. As the denim trouser color is in light shade, you can pair dark black shirts with the denim. However, without a doubt, it does match any shirt.

    Get it Now & Save up to 550 INR


    The classic denim trousers listed in the blog post are made with innovative styles and in a unique way to create a bold statement among Indian men.

    If you are in need of purchasing a brand quality denim trouser that goes perfect with any shirt, you can try one from the list. 

    While most other men’s clothing brands in India sell men’s denim trousers for 3000+ INR, we at Muffynn sell the same quality for under 1500 INR.

    Try your legs on, and you will feel sophisticated in being with our denim all the time.