Men's Fashion Guide: Exploring Different Types of Pants

Men's Fashion Guide: Exploring Different Types of Pants

Men get more excited when it's time to buy shirts or tees than trousers. Most of the time, we notice (and get noticed) by the upper half so we invest more time and money to make ourselves look good, without putting much thought into the lower half.

But pants are as essential as top wear, besides the obvious reasons. When the new season approaches, it's time to update your look with various types of pants that make for an amazing OOTD.

This fashion guide will have you exploring trousers/pants that will elevate your look, giving you a distinct and suave personality. Also, these pants are breathable and will make you feel comfortable for a whole day.

It can get overwhelming to choose the right pants for all the occasions but wearing the same old black jeans for every event is not a good look!

Here are some of the pants that you might have wanted in your wardrobe, but weren't sure if you could carry the look.

This guide will help you shop your next look with pants that are perfect for a day-long excursion.

  1. Chinos

Chinos are classic trousers that are of military origins. They are supremely versatile, which makes them an inherent part of the modern wardrobe.

This timeless piece of menswear remains a key pant style for men that can be paired with any outfit, casual or formal. Try the classic Khaki Chinos or the tried-and-tested Black colour.

The world would be lost without cotton chinos.

Price: ₹1,500

  1. Cargo Pants

With a sharp history of army background to the fashionable noughties, cargo trousers have enjoyed an 'everyday pant' status before going out of fashion and a comeback in a big and stylish manner.

If you are opting for cargo pants for the first time, go for tailored ones as they are somewhere in the middle of spacious and slim.

The classic khaki pants pair well with an overshirt. Other outfit ideas include black cargo pants with a grey sweatshirt, a white shirt, or a navy tee.

Price: ₹1,800

  1. Jeans

Jeans are the most commonly worn modern pants. The final look changes the way you choose your jeans - for wearing sneakers, loafers, or Derbies, wear slim-leg jeans.

If you work in a casual or semi-formal environment, pair jeans with bombers, flannel shirts, pocket tees, even hoodies and sweatshirts. There are hundreds of options to choose from.

Price: ₹700 onwards

  1. Joggers

An integral part of the modern wardrobe, joggers are versatile, functional, comfortable, and fashionable - a great option to wear to run errands or even for a casual dinner.

Cotton Joggers also come in various styles - classic, bold, simple, or patterned. They also come with features like pockets, tapered legs, and adaptable waistbands.

You can pair joggers with a T-shirt, or a plain or striped shirt with loafers. These practical pants are a must-have in any wardrobe.

Price: ₹850

  1. Linen Trousers

Linen trousers were once infamous for being shapeless and sweaty bottom wear in the fashion industry and a man's wardrobe.

Thanks to the minds of hundreds of sartorial geniuses, linen is now tapered that compliment every body shape. Linen, which is now a tad less vulnerable to creases, is a must-have fashion wonder that goes well with a plain t-shirt/shirt and sneakers.

Price: ₹1,500 onwards

  1. Flex Pants

Flex pants are a blessing for the modern man as they provide maximum comfort and flexibility all the while maintaining the wearer's stylish demeanour.

Flex pants are made from a blend of high-quality moisture-wicking materials that provide breathability. The fabric of flex pants stretches so that the pant moves with the wearer's body, giving flexibility. They truly are a revolution in the world of clothing.

If you've suddenly gained weight and don't want to buy too many pants, Flex pants will save your day. Choose colours that go well with your top wear.

Price: ₹1,400

  1. Denim

Denim isn't the easy option to perfectly pair your style. This timeless classic pant is a staple item in men's fashion and a man's wardrobe.

Offering both comfort and style, denim is made from durable fabric and rugged texture that make them a perfect option for everyday bottom wear.

Being versatile, they can be worn for a formal event or a casual day out. Blue denim jeans can be paired with anything, thus spawning a wide range of looks.

Price: ₹1,500

  1. Wool Trousers

If you want diverse outfit ideas, then including wool trousers is essential to have in your wardrobe.

A well-tailored pair of wool navy trousers are a superb option for office wear. Though, be sure to make the right choice between single-pleats, double-pleats, and flat-fronted wool trousers.

Having wool trousers in your wardrobe adds to an intelligent winter look or casual wear that turns heads.

Merino wool trousers offer supreme comfort, while angora blends and mohair trousers could irritate your legs.

Price: ₹1,799 onwards

  1. Shorts

Be it a good workout at the gym (or home), the blithering hot summer days, or just roaming around your house - shorts provide the utmost comfort.

You'll find a variety of lengths, styles, and more options.  When it comes to shorts, there’s something for everyone.

Styles range from chino shorts, athletic shorts, denim shorts, and lounge shorts. Denim shorts can even be worn for a casual outing, at the movies for instance.

In addition to looking stylish, shorts are functional and comfortable, allowing plenty of room for movement.

Price: ₹650