Style Guide: The Ultimate Formal Shirts and Pants Combination Ideas

Style Guide: The Ultimate Formal Shirts and Pants Combination Ideas

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When speaking of fashion, men don't have as many options as women do. A single search for "women's wedding outfits" would yield thousands of ideas, while men are stuck with the same old shirts and pants, kurta, pyjamas, suits, or sherwani.

Even though the times have changed and there are quite a few options for men, there are still limited choices in the formal aisle.

Sticking to the formal shirts and pants combinations, there are some great options when choosing the colour palettes.

Men are hardwired to mostly wear plain shirts and pants, which are a practical sartorial choice. Due to the combination's versatility, shirts and pants are perfect for a casual date and a formal interview. However, it depends on how the wearer styles the outfit, which shirt he opt for and how the entire colour palette match.

If you said the extremely exhausting "What should I wear?" line, you know how hard it is to make do with our current wardrobe.

One cannot always wear Khaki or black pants with black or white shirts, even though they are great formal options.

So, if you want to add some versatility and panache to your everyday office wear but haven't got a single clue about formal clothes, you are reading the right article.

Listed below are 12 formal shirt and pants combination ideas for men that can be worn to work.

Pro tip: Before we get to the main content, here are simple tips for beginners to better manage their formal wardrobe.

If you want to wear an outfit that turns heads, opt for light and dark colour combinations. You can also match the outfits with the same colour family. For instance, if you are wearing a light blue colour shirt then choose a dark shade for the pant.

12 Formal Shirt and Pants Combination Ideas 

Mahogany Red shirt with Black/Khaki pants:

Mahogany Red colour screams bold. This is a classy colour that instantly makes a statement. For a 9 to 9, it's a superb choice that can be paired with Khaki coloured or Black pants. Beige formal trousers would look good too.

If you travel to work a lot or are someone who rarely steps outside, you have the option to choose from a straight or relaxed fit.

Blue shirt with Grey pants:

Blue is a fantastic colour that can make anyone feel animated and lively. To make the colour stand out, wear trousers in contrasting colours.

A blue shirt and black pants are a great option but once you try grey pants on it, you'll never go back. This outfit has a classy appeal. You can also wear a blue shirt and white pants.

Pink/Salmon shirt with Light Grey pants:

Now that we are in 2023, it's safe to say that pink is a colour that looks stupendous on women, men, dogs, cats, and more. This vibrant colour has many sub-colours under it that make the formal fashion game more compelling.

If you aren't sure which pink colour to choose from, an onion pink, salmon, or pastel pink option would surely make you stand out.

Yellow shirt with Black pants:

A yellow shirt with black pants is a pretty rare combination, so the responsibility to carry it depends on the wearer.

If you manage to pull off this look, you'll feel confident and it will push you to experiment more. Leather shoes will pair better with this outfit.

Powder Blue shirt with Dark Blue pants:

Wearing a Powder blue shirt with dark blue pants is a no-brainer look that makes for the perfect monotone look.

Wear a powder blue shirt and dark blue formal pants. If you want to pair this shirt with jeans, ensure that you choose dark-washed jeans and the shirt is untucked.

Grey shirt with Black pants:

If you are longing for a monotone outfit, then there's no better option than wearing a Grey shirt with Black pants.

This combination is a sure-shot head-turner. Wear this combination during the winter to keep yourself a tad bit warm.

White shirt with Dark-colored pants:

White is a lighter shade, so if you want to pair a white shirt with formal pants, try maroon colour, dark or maroon.

Wear this outfit if you are sure you don't want to wear any other shirt of a different colour.

Floral Print shirt with Grey Pants:

Floral print shirts with grey pants are great for 2-4 days' night out. You can pair a perfect shirt and grey pant combination.

Dark Green shirt with Cream pants:

A dark Green shirt with Cream pants is another formal pant and shirt colour combination.

People who opt for slim-fit clothes should know that low-waist pants and a full-sleeve shirt go well together.

Red Flannel shirts with Black pants:

Flannel shirts? Check. Versatility? Check. Grammarly Style? Check! This is a versatile combination, so choosing light-coloured pants will elevate the look.

Half Sleeves shirt with Black pants:

Half sleeves shirts from the Muffynn brand look the best, even if they are worn for a long time. Wear a Purple half-sleeved shirt and white pants.

Black on Black:

The black colour outfit is by default the best combination and an easy option. Pair a black shirt and black pants.

You can wear a white shirt a black pants. Also, khaki pants and a black shirt are good colours, too.

For a tried-and-tested combination, wear a Black shirt and grey pants. The combination of this shirt and pants is one of the best formal outfits for men.