Difference Between Joggers and Track Pants

Difference Between Joggers and Track Pants

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What are Joggers?

Joggers are usually thin and light in weight. They are usually baggy at the top and go skinny at the bottom. As the name of this athletic wear says, it is meant for physical activities.

Joggers are elasticized or do have cuffed ankles. Also, you can find front pockets for joggers. 

Joggers are available both in full-length as well as cropped 7/8th length. You can choose any based on the occasion.

Since the joggers are made of a cotton-polyester blend, the main fabric ensures durability and breathability, making them perfect for lounging at home or performing any other physical activities.

What are Track Pants?

Track pants are the ultimate choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and athletic experience. They perfectly fit any occasion. They're soft and smooth and provide unparalleled comfort that's perfect for athletic purposes.

Track Pants are made from materials like polyester, which provide an extra layer of smoothness and comfort while also ensuring that the fabric remains wrinkle-free.

If you are into rigorous workout sessions, track pants are your best go-to because they absorb sweat quickly and keep your skin dry and comfortable after the workouts.

What are the Key Differences Between men's and women's Joggers?

Fit: Women's joggers have tapered ankles and form-fitting waists, whereas men's joggers have waistbands and roomier legs.

Material: Women's joggers are made of lighter and soft fabrics and are comfortable. On the other hand, men's joggers are made of thicker and sturdier materials for more durability and warmth.

Accents: Women's joggers feature drawstrings, embellishments, and ruching that gives a more feminine look. On the other hand, men's jogger's sport zippers or pockets for more convenience.

Style: Men's joggers come in simple and plain styles, whereas women's joggers have fun patterns and prints that make them a fashion statement.

Types of Joggers

Skinny Fit: It looks slim fit and tapers down the leg. Compared to traditional jogger pants, it has a narrow waistband and fitted ankles.

Relaxed fit: It is looser and wider and provides extra comfort due to its typically adjustable and wide waistbands.

Cargo: These kinds of joggers have straps and pockets on the legs. It also has drawstrings at the waistband.

Baggy joggers: If you want a relaxed look, these loose-fitting baggy joggers are the best. You can even lounge at your home with these joggers.

High-waisted joggers: If you want to have a perfect yet stylish waist fit, then it is suggested to pick the high-waisted joggers.

Types of Track Pants

Fashionable Track Pants: Fashionable track pants have moisture-absorbing qualities. They are more modern and stylish in design compared to traditional track pants.

Cotton Track Pants: These track pants are the best comfortable alternative to jeans. When performing heavy workouts or running errands, this is the perfect pick.

Nylon and Polyester Track Pants: These track pants are suitable for sports activities and are wrinkle-resistant. They are more durable and can retain their sheen for a long time.


In conclusion, though joggers and track pants appear quite similar at first look, there are a lot of distinct differences between the both. Joggers are tapered with a relaxed fit at the hips and slimmer legs, giving a stylish look to anyone wearing it.

On the other hand, track pants are specially designed for athletic purposes and are made from materials like polyester for a smoother, wrinkle-free feel.

Finally, the choice of whether to pick joggers or track pants completely depends on your requirements.