Wedding Season Favorites: Custom-Made For Every Occasion!

Wedding Season Favorites: Custom-Made For Every Occasion!

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With wedding season in full swing, the age-old dilemma of what to wear arises once again. While women have a plethora of options to choose from, men may feel their choices are limited. But we're here to show you otherwise.

Indian men's fashion has undergone a significant transformation. Clothing used to be the only aspect of dressing, but with the continuous evolution of fashion, it is time to modernize our style.

As the winter wedding season approaches, it's the perfect opportunity to showcase your finest formal attire and exude confidence. Men, this is your chance to pull out your well-pressed tuxedo or tailored suit and ensure you have all the necessary accouterments to complete your ensemble.

The overwhelming stress of wedding season can be daunting, especially when selecting the perfect attire. With so many options available, from traditional Indian wear to Western outfits, it can be confusing to choose the best one for you. That's why we have put together an ultimate guide for grooms and best men to help you bring your A-game to any wedding event.

Traditional Dress Ideas for Wedding Season in India

Dress For the Engagement Ceremony

When attending a friend's engagement in India, it is customary to wear traditional or semi-traditional clothing. Engagements are viewed as joyous celebrations, so the type of attire may vary depending on cultural and regional traditions. However, here are some suggestions for appropriate outfits:

A popular engagement ceremony outfit is a perfectly tailored kurta paired with pajama bottoms or a sherwani. This ensemble is a timeless and stylish option.

A traditional Pathani suit comprises a long kurta and straight-cut pants, providing both comfort and style. To add an extra element of sophistication, pairing the kurta with a Nehru jacket is a popular choice. The Nehru jacket can be embellished or left plain, depending on the level of formality for the occasion.

In certain regions, it is customary to wear a dhoti paired with a kurta as traditional attire. However, this may be more appropriate for specific ceremonies or cultural events.

Feel colourful for Haldi

If you like a minimalist look for a Haldi ceremony, a kurta is the ideal option. It's effortless to put on, lightweight, and incredibly comfortable.

From linen to silk and adorned options, kurtas are an essential piece of clothing for men attending poojas, mehendi ceremonies, and even engagement parties with a more understated style.

Dance to the Sangeet

Why not try some fusion garments? A mix of Western and Indian styles, like a sherwani or kurta with sleek trousers or churidar pants, can be both trendy and cozy.

Choose a brightly coloured, adorned kurta and pair it with dhoti or Patiala pants for a traditional yet stylish outfit.

A stylish and comfortable option for a Sangeet is an angrakha-style kurta, with its unique asymmetric overlap and delicate embroidery. It provides effortless mobility for dance performances.

For the Wedding

With options ranging from solid colours to various patterns, kurtas are an adaptable choice for any event. They pair effortlessly with pajama pants, making them a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

Sherwani is the ideal choice for a wedding outfit, and there are several ways to style it up. Adding a long stole made of the same fabric as the sherwani and a contrasting turban will give it a regal touch. Don't forget to accessorize your sherwani with a gold-toned brooch, pearl necklace, and watch - these small details will elevate your look. Complete the ensemble with a pair of mojaris or juttis for a splendid finish.

A formal suit is suitable for more than just business meetings; it can also be worn at weddings. A formal suit allows for various styling options. Men can add a touch of chic with a checked tie and brooch. Complete the look with proper shoes.

The Nehru coat is a popular and timeless wedding attire as it's a versatile piece that can be worn to various ceremonies, including sangeet, cocktail parties, engagement events, and receptions. The Nehru coat pairs well with chinos, solid or printed kurtas, and pants. To complete the look, add some embellished accessories for extra flair.

The Jodhpuri suit is not only suitable for the groom but also for the bride's companion. Originating in Rajasthan, this traditional suit has become one of the most popular choices for men's wedding attire in India. It consists of a coat, trousers, and an inner vest, and can be enhanced with accessories like three-chain brooches, safas, and ornate buttons. Add a touch of elegance to your wedding look with a Jodhpuri suit this season.

For the people planning a last-minute outfit, Blazers can also be worn for a wedding. They require minimal effort for styling and can be paired with formal pants. With a variety of colours and patterns now available, blazers offer endless options for any occasion.

Get creative for the Reception

For a more formal attire at the wedding reception, a touch of sophistication and sass is necessary. Consider an old-school blazer with intricate collar details or embroidery on the shoulder pads for a superb look.

The 90s style is back in vogue, and with a little bit of sparkle, you can create a standout outfit. Start with a simple T-shirt and pants and add layers with bold blazers from your dad's closet or purchase a new one - the possibilities are endless. Add some jewelry for a touch of glam, and you have the perfect look for a flashy cocktail party.