Best Clothing Colour Combinations for Men

Best Clothing Colour Combinations for Men

Comprehending colour and grasping fashion are analogous. Colours impact how we feel about things like sentiments, ideas, and activities. As such, it is one of the most essential components of life. This fact is crucial when learning to figure out the best colour combination for men's clothing.

Our clothing choices say a lot about us, and how we are perceived. Today, it's important to understand the importance of colour in men's fashion and how to create better combinations when putting together an outfit.

The power of colour matching cannot be underestimated when it comes to men’s style. It is a statement to the world about our fashion sense, and how we want others to see us. Once you’ve mastered the art of colour matching, putting together an outfit that pops will be like second nature to you!

Today, men should aim to create a balanced look that will appeal to the eye and reflect their current outlook or ideal persona. This can help express who they are in any given situation.

Developing a good personal style and having the best dressed look isn't only about buying pricey clothes from designer labels. What you need to do is pay attention to colours, so your outfit will have the desired outcome. Even if you choose luxurious garments, they won’t look their best unless you’re able to select the right colour combinations.

Additionally, if the wrong colours are chosen, or too many of them, the overall effect can easily become a dull and unpleasant sight. Finding the right balance of colours is an art form that can be learned by anyone—yes, even you!

Following are some of the best colour combinations for men's clothing that will make your OOTD a talk of the town. This guide will help you effortlessly match colours for men's pants and shirt clothing.

Best Clothing Colour Combination Ideas for Men

Monotone colours:

Monotone means sporting a single colour from head to toe; this can be in the same hue or even in varying shades of the same basic colour, such as a matching dress for men

in black on black, white on white, or any other colour combinations.

Black & White:

A Black shirt and White trousers is a classic look for any event. It has a timeless elegance that never fails to impress.

Adding other colours may take away from its sophisticated appeal, which is why Black-Tie and White-Tie events typically require formal dress in these two shades.

Grey and Black:

The Grey-Black combination may not be the most popular, but it is certainly worth considering. Subtle variations from grey to black create contrast while still lending a muted feel.

The tint in darker greys is mirrored in whatever black clothing you choose to complete your look.

In this way, you can benefit from both the contrast and complementary nature of these hues. This is one of the best dress combinations for men.

Pink & Grey:

Gone are the days when pink was only considered a colour for girls! The Grey and Pink colour combinations for dress offer a look that is both subtle and striking. Grey has a low-key, understated feel, while pale pink adds an unexpected flair.

This fashionable shade combo may be relatively new, but it'll surely become a timeless classic in no time.

Blue & White:

What do you get when you combine two shades which convey peace and newness?

The ideal clothing colour combination for summer! Blue is chilly and White symbolizes tranquillity; the combination of these colours makes for a great outfit to wear on a date.

Green & Khaki:

Military fashion has a huge impact on menswear. It's therefore no surprise that the combination of green and khaki, two colours featured heavily in military apparel, is an excellent choice for any man to wear.

As well as being stylish, this colour pairing also creates an aura of wilderness. Some of the best male clothing colour combinations out there.

White and Beige:

White and beige may have been seen as colours more suited for a yachting outing or the golf course but neutrals have evolved in style.

A popular trend in menswear is pairing white and khaki for a simple, no-fuss look. The combination of these two colours creates an unbeatable minimalist style.

Brown and Black:

For many years, black and brown were thought of as conflicting hues that should never be combined. Nowadays, however, it is perfectly acceptable to mix these two - and doing so can lead to stylish results.

Brown is a warm colour that adds a laid-back vibe to any outfit. It works with a vast array of other shades. Meanwhile, black is an often-viewed neutral tone. The key is to make sure that if you wear black, the shade of brown should not be too dark.

Tan & Maroon:

Tan is highly valued among neutral tones, but if you only pair it with other neutrals, your summer outfit could end up looking lacklustre and faded. How about Maroon?

Yellow & Blue:

The colour yellow reminds us of the sunny days of summer, and blue evokes images of cloudless skies. Both are exclusive to this season!

Light Blue & Black:

Pair a Light blue shirt with Black trousers for a casual yet suave look. You'll sure turn heads for sure.

Orange & Blue:

Orange and Blue are complementary colours, which means they work well together. These two are a great colour combination for the dress.

Olive Green & Brown:

Earthy colours are adored by countless individuals! These hues are so popular due to their versatility, plus the fact that they evoke natural beauty.

Red & Beige:

If you want to stay in the shadows, red is not a hue you should experiment with. Unless, of course, you're ready to be the centre of attention. Pair it with a Beige or Cream colour to amp up your look.

Colour Combinations to avoid:

People feel differently when they wear the right colours, and an outfit can be made or broken by their choice of colours. Therefore, it's important to choose colours carefully and avoid combining colours that don't complement each other.

Purple and Yellow:

The combination just doesn't work. Yellow is either too bright or its tints leave it too neutral to ever stand up to a colour like purple.

Red and Green:

Doesn't Red and Green remind you of Christmas? Well, if it does then leave this combo to ugly holiday sweaters.

Red and Orange:

A combination of red and orange is considered a hot colour and too bold to be paired together.

Green and Orange:

Skip the orange and green outfits as they don't make a good combination. The colour green is usually considered neutral, whereas the orange is considered loud. 

Here are a few tips for the best colour combination for men's clothing:

  • Wear colours that strike a balance.
  • Avoid clashing colours by pairing bold ones with neutral ones.
  • Avoid colours that match your skin tone.
  • When wearing Black, use light colours, such as White, Light Blue, and Pink, to break it up.
  • Combine light shades of grey and brown with other light colours and darker shades with other dark colours.
  • Combine Navy with Burgundy or Red for a smart and stylish look.